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Aerial and Video Photography Birmingham

Our in-house expert team can customise our drone filming services to suit the unique needs of your project.


experienced Team

Our drone pilots have a wealth of experience in various industries, including outdoor events, real estate and construction.

Exceptional kit

Our hi-tech drones effectively deliver high-quality aerial photos and videos and collect precise imaging data.


Our drone pilots are CAA-approved, meaning they adhere to the highest level of flight control and safety.


Drone Specialist

Looking for quality aerial event coverage or drone footage for your cinematic/marketing project?

Drone Motion is Birmingham’s leading drone company, kitted with high-tech equipment and a crew of certified and experienced pilots eager to help you actualise your filming and droning projects. And that’s not all. We will go above and beyond to prepare your media content for the world. Our team will carefully process your footage into a perfectly interesting final product.

For Wedding

Let our aerial photography and filming give your wedding a cinematic effect.

For Survey

We deliver highly accurate data points for your survey project. This saves time.

For Real Estate

Let’s deliver amazing visuals of your property at unique angles. This will surely improve saleability.

For Sports

Through our drone technology, we film sports events for audiences to have an immersive experience.

An aerial photograph of Birmingham

Our Drone Kit

At Drone Motion, we take our client’s projects very seriously. When it comes to equipment like drones, we do not cut corners. We have invested in professional drones that capture sharp, cinematic images and footage from even tricky angles. This makes us different from our competitors.

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Quality Service

Aerial Photography Services Birmingham

Quality aerial photography services based in Birmingham. We deliver high-quality results using the latest drone technology. Our services are customised for your unique needs, budget-friendly, professional and tailored.

We adhere to the highest level of safety, so we do everything possible to fly our drone smoothly and without issues. We are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out drone services in commercial settings. So you can have the confidence knowing we have the expertise to handle your projects regardless of the environment.


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Birmingham seen from above

Drone Inspection Services Birmingham

Drone Motion delivers quality drone inspection services to the construction industry. We streamline their work using drone technology to survey, inspect, track, map and analyse areas, eliminating the need for risky, time wasting and costly machinery and tools. Through our drone inspection services in Birmingham, you won’t need to hire cherry pickers or use scaffolds to inspect your building or construction.

We are fully insured, cleared by the CAA and proud to serve businesses across Birmingham city.

With our latest drone kits, we offer high-resolution photographs and footage of your building at amazing heights. Furthermore, we can add reports to enable you and your team to identify issues that will need further audit or survey.

Industry Expert

Drone Roof Survey Birmingham

Drone roof surveys have totally transformed the process of roof maintenance and inspection in Birmingham. Our service offers an affordable and easy way to identify or detect potential issues and ensure the structural integrity of your roof.

A major importance of our drone roof survey service is its ability to reach difficult-to-access locations and areas. While conventional roof inspections usually necessitate the use of scaffolds and other tools, which are laborious and expensive, our latest drone technology lets you survey elevated or difficult-to-access locations with no extra tools. This is time and cost-saving as well as hazard-free and safe.

Roof Survey Birmingham

We Service Birmingham and the West Midlands 

Looking for a drone filming service in Birmingham? Drone Motion is a top-choice. We have years of experience in the industry, bolstered by an excellent track record – and when we handle your project, you can rely on us to deliver superior quality results.

We utilise the most advanced drone technology and camera systems to create amazing visual assets that will make you pleased to link your name, business or brand with.

We serve the entire city of Birmingham and will quickly schedule and film your project whether you are based in Edgbaston, Bearwood, Brindleyplace, or Harborne. Our expert drone photographers will create footage that fits your unique needs.


Professional Aerial Photography.

Start Your Awesome Aerial Project With Us.

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