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Aerial and Video Photography Oxford

Our in-house expert team can customise our drone filming services to suit the unique needs of your project.


experienced Team

Our drone pilots have a wealth of experience and are reliable, certified and exhibit the highest level of professionalism. 

Exceptional kit

We use high-tech drone kits for our aerial filming, photography and inspection needs. 100% quality and safety. 


Our pilots are well-trained and fly under “Operation Authorisation” from the CAA. They provide the best possible service.


Drone Specialist

Drone Motion offers quality aerial photography, drone filming, drone roof surveys and inspection services at an affordable price. We are experienced in transforming that video or picture into captivating media that will grab the interest of your audience.

We serve the entire Oxford city. We are 100% insured and make safety a priority. We have received “operational authorisation” from the CAA. If you want to capture the perfect footage or photo for your brand, building, wedding, sporting event or festival, you can trust that Drone Motion will offer a reliable and excellent drone filming and aerial photography service.

For Wedding

Take lovely aerial shots or footage of your special day. Let us cover your wedding event. 

For Survey

We offer top-notch drone data services to surveyors. Budget-friendly, accurate and timely.

For Real Estate

Enhance the appeal of your property listing with our simple and convenient drone filming service.

For Sports

Highlight your sporting events from a stunning viewpoint with our drone filming services.

Drone Specialist Oxford

Our Drone Kit

At Drone Motion, we take our client’s projects very seriously. When it comes to equipment like drones, we do not cut corners. We have invested in professional drones that capture sharp, cinematic images and footage from even tricky angles. This makes us different from our competitors.

Aerial photo in Oxford

Quality Service

Aerial Photography Services Oxford

Using drone technology is essential for real estate, advertising, event promotions and weddings. Let us capture aerial photographs that will tell a story or create an unforgettable memory with our drone technology.

For property owners and agents needing to promote properties with high-quality or creative imagery, we are experienced in capturing aerial photographs showcasing your beautiful environs.

We can take aerial shots of significant moments from multiple angles and heights for weddings, sporting events, and brand promotion.

Work with us, and we will show you a unique viewpoint to give your project a “Wow factor.”


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Drone Inspection Services Oxford

Need dr for your building, bridge and motorway, solar & windfarm, and ecological surveys?

We’ve got you covered.

In addition to expertly deploying drones, we will assist you with every step of the inspection process, from drafting an inspection schedule to completing a detailed report.

We will cater to your needs whether you wish to inspect your rooftop, assess the condition of your property, require time-saving aerial data for a land survey, or want to minimise hazards while conducting routine inspections.

Industry Expert

Drone Roof Survey Oxford

At Drone Motion, we are fully equipped with the latest technology to deliver quality drone roof survey services.

Due to severe weather conditions such as storms, rain and heat, roofs may suffer damage. With our drone service, you can survey your roof in a precise and safe way. Our drones capture high-resolution pictures and can access high roof spaces and corners. They can also reach concealed areas home inspectors can’t get to.

Drone roof surveys are highly beneficial, especially for potential home buyers and sellers. Roofs are known to be very costly items, and buyers will be interested in finding out if the roof is in good condition before buying a property.

With our drone footage, you can access highly accurate data about the state of your rooftop. We offer extensive inspection of your roof without negatively impacting its material.

beautiful drone survey Oxford

We Service Oxford

Our fleet of experienced drone pilots is capable of handling your project anywhere in the Oxford area. Drone Pilot is fully committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We ensure that every project is completed with a high level of accuracy, tech-driven reliability and collaborative effort.

Additionally, we are fully licenced by CAA and have insurance covered to fly drones in any setting, including urban centres.

We cover the town of Slough and will quickly attend to your project needs whether you are based in Barton, Cutteslowe, or Headington. Our expert drone photographers deliver excellent services that meet your project’s requirements and needs.


Professional Aerial Photography.

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