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Drone Filming Service

We offer quality drone filming services, offering you the perfect shots you require to help your project stand out, customer satisfaction guaranteed. From amazing aerial drone footage to quick, low and close-up detailed shots, our seasoned team has the competence, expertise, creativity and experience to deliver the results and views you need.


We take great pride in understanding our tools and devote endless hours to honing our videography skills.


We have a wealth of experience in drone filming, working in numerous settings and projects.

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DJI Mavic 3 Pro:

The Mavic 3 Pro is a cutting-edge drone, equipped with advanced features such as a powerful three camera system. Offering a 24mm for wide shots, 70mm for tight compression and 166m for long captures.

DJI Mini 3 Pro:

This little drone weights less than 250g, which means you can “almost” fly this anywhere within reason and keeping to the drone code. An absolute must have on every shoot we go to when we want to get really close to our subject! 

Industry Expert

Drone Experts

At Drone Motion, we have established ourselves as a trusted and responsible drone service provider by diligently adhering to all necessary procedures and regulations when it comes to flying drones in restricted areas. Our team consists of highly trained and licensed drone pilots who have a comprehensive understanding of airspace restrictions and the specific requirements for each location.

Prior to any flight, we conduct thorough research and obtain the required permits and authorisations from the relevant authorities. Additionally, we maintain open lines of communication with local law enforcement and aviation agencies to ensure that our operations are conducted safely and within the guidelines. By prioritising safety, compliance, and effective communication, we are able to navigate restricted areas while providing our clients with exceptional aerial services.


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Our Promise

Create spectacular footage with our expert drone filming services. We have worked with commercial and corporate clients, helping them produce amazing material that enhances their video projects tremendously. No matter how unique your needs are, we will go above and beyond to do a flawless job.

We handle drone filming similar to any other serious project. The video’s quality and creativity are highly important. We are videographers before anything else. We are conversant with the principles of great videos, and even though the camera is hundreds of feet in the air, we consider them.

Merely flying a drone and filming isn’t enough. With our expertise, high-tech equipment and vast experience in creating amazing videos, we promise you drone filming materials that will perfectly suit your needs.


Professional Aerial Photography.

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