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Drone Motion is revolutionising the way roof inspections are conducted. Our drone technology allows for a quick and efficient inspection process, providing high-quality images and video footage of even the hardest-to-reach areas.

By utilising Drone Motion, surveyors can save valuable time and resources while also providing a safer work environment. With our drones, there’s no need to climb ladders or walk on steep roofs, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

Our state-of-the-art drones are equipped with the latest technology enabling surveyors to detect potential leaks, moisture intrusion, and other roofing issues before they become major problems.



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Quality Drone Inspection Service

The drone inspection service at Drone Motion is very customisable to meet your unique requirements and needs. We offer our clients a superior-quality, reliable inspection solution through the deployment of the latest drone technology, piloted by our crew of competent and experienced team.

Our drone inspection service can deliver vital inspection data in a short time while saving cost compared to other traditional techniques while eliminating potential risks. Our drone inspections can be conducted aside, underneath, inside and above any structure or site, offering effective access for survey and evaluation purposes.



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Our drone pilots have industry experience and are particularly licensed to work in the drone inspection space.

Thanks to our utilisation of high-tech drone technology, we deliver highly reliable aerial photographs that will provide critical insight to the condition of the roof.

Any unmanned flight conducted is done safely and timely, letting you have access to swift mapping and surveys while mitigating risk completely.


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We deliver quality drone inspection services for structures and assets that can be risky or unsafe for workers.

DroneMotion offers drone inspections for assets and structures in a variety of industries, including infrastructure, construction, energy generation, petroleum, pharmaceutical and natural gas.

A lot of facilities in these industries, railroads, dams, pipelines, bridges, etc., are usually difficult to reach or dangerous to access. And businesses want to mitigate operational hazards to the barest minimum.

Our licenced, experienced drone pilots can use the latest drone technology to let you inspect these hard-to-reach locations, structures and assets, where defects usually go undiscovered, in a cost-effective and quick manner.

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