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Drone Roof Survey
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We offer drone roof survey services to major cities in the United Kingdom.

Our drone roof survey service can help you in making more intelligent, safer and sharper decisions. Access valuable insights on your rooftop fix or replacement. Whether erecting solar panels or installing a new shingle on your roof, knowing the condition of your roof can assist you in getting correct and reliable quotes, project figures and many more.

With our RAW quality pictures, you can engage your clients, suppliers or buyers using accurate materials, ensuring they are better informed about your work and its technique, and the level of progress you have made on their project.


We carry out reliable rooftop surveys for residential & commercial real estate.


Safely and accurately survey the condition of the roof, new installations, and leakage.

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Quality Drone Roof Survey

Our drone photography lets you access valuable and relevant information on rooftops, whether on residential or commercial buildings. Get a clear view of the condition of the building, detect leaks, cracks and deficiencies, or get insight into your existing vents, heat and cooling systems or solar panels erected on your rooftop.

Industry Expert

Drone Roof Survey Experts

At Drone Motion, our drone pilots are fully licenced, skilled and have a wealth of experience.

With their expertise and attention-to-detail, they will be able to survey all parts of your roof to inspect conditions and possible repair needs.

Drone Motion can also deliver real-time filming of rooftop areas which would otherwise be almost impossible to inspect through the use of traditional techniques.

With our high-tech drones, you get an accurate insight into the state of your rooftop and its structural form, and through high definition capturing, we can pinpoint possible hazards like shaky roof decks and other blockages without exposing anyone to risk.

With Drone Motion’s drone roof survey service, you can save costs associated with contracting a cherry picker or installing scaffold structure to assess your roof.


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Our Solution

Drone Motion is the UK’s leading aerial photography and drone roof survey service provider.

Thanks to our team of professional drone pilots, we cater to your drone roof survey needs in a hassle-free, easy way.  We are equipped with high-tech unmanned drones to deliver an accurate, in-depth and reliable survey of your roof, and as we are CAA-authorised, you can be sure of a safe, risk-free and efficient service.

Our goal is to deliver quality aerial roof inspections to cater to our client’s needs. We know the value of accurate data, thus, we leverage sophisticated technology to eliminate error to a large extent.

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